Grandmaster Chess Classes

by Grandmaster Vladimir Georgiev


                                                         Vladimir Georgiev is a Bulgarian-Macedonian chess grandmaster. He                                                               became an International Master in 1995 and a Grandmaster in 2000.

                                                         In 1992, he finished second in the European Junior Chess                                                                                  Championship. He became Bulgarian National Champion in 1995 and

                                                        champion of Macedonia in 2007.

                                                        He is the trainer of former Women's World Chess

                                                        Championship Antoaneta Stefanova and currently coaching

                                                        Jefrey Xiong, World Junior Champion. 

Grandmaster classes will be offering on Fridays 6:00 - 8:00 pm beginning September 20th. 

Tuition for the classes: $420 for Fall 2019 semester (12 classes) if pay in full or $40 per class if pay for individual lessons. The space is limited to 15 students and will be available to those who will pay full semester tuition and remaining space will be available on first-come-first base. 

Scholastic Chess Classes

Elite Chess is excited to offer two chess training options to Naperville Chess Center.

These programs will improve your child’s critical thinking and chess skills in a fun, supportive environment. Beginners to experienced players are welcome.
Email Jeff DiOrio with any questions at


Naperville Chess Academy

• Class meets once a week for 90 minutes

• High quality, target-based chess curriculum

• Personalized assessment charts to monitor progress

• 4 Levels to support all students

• Free quarterly tournaments

• Academy tuition -$97 per month

• For info/registration go to

Chess Extension Classes
• Only available to Russian School of Math students
• 45 minutes of chess before or after your RSM class (meets right next door)
• Chess instruction, chess puzzles, and free play
• Limit 15 students per hour
• Only $12 per week
• For info/registration go to



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