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 Naperville Young Masters Chess Tournament


Tournament format: 

3 rounds; 3 Sections: USCF 800-1300; USCF 1300 - 1600; Open


Time control: G/60, d5


Note: Tournament organizers may combine the sections if less then 6 participants sign for any individual section.


Awards: 1st - 200 Naperville Chess Center points; 2nd - 150 Naperville Chess Center points; 3rd - 100 Naperville Chess Center points.

Registrations: 9:00-9:45 am.

Rounds: 10:00 am; 1:00 pm; 3:30 pm


Entry Fees: $30 early registration, $40 on site. On-line registration at the day of the tournament is not counting as pre-registration, $40 fee will apply.  


Cash or check, no credit cards on site. 


Registrations and payments:

Naperville Chess Center points can be cashed toward the Grandmaster class payment; mini camps during the school year; payments toward next tournament; chess equipment purchase.


Info:, or call 785-906-0402

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