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Grandmasters Alexander Onishuk and Natalia Zhukova visit WVHS

On May 22, 2024  6:00 pm 

Waubonsie Valley High School will host

Grandmasters Alexander Onischuk and

Natalia Zhukova

for an excited chess champions event.



Grandmasters Onischuk and Zhukova will be playing simultaneous games with event participants; discuss their chess careers; and talk about post-secondary chess education at the US Colleges and Universities. Photos and autographs with the Grandmasters are permitted.  

Grandmaster Onischuk is one of only nine American players to have attained a FIDE rating of 2700, he has competed in every U.S. Chess Championship since 2004. In 2006, Onischuk won the U.S. Chess Championship, and he has either tied for or taken second or third place seven times (2004, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2017). He has represented the United States in six Chess Olympiads (2004-2014) and seven World Team Championships (2005-2019). Onischuk also played Board One on the U.S. gold medal-winning team at the 2013 Pan-American Team Championship. In 2012, he became the Head Coach and Director of the nationally-recognized chess program at Texas Tech University and served as a Chair for the US Chess Federation College Chess Committee

Grandmaster Zhukova received her title in 2010 and became the 22nd female chess player awarded the Grandmaster title. Winner of the World Girls Championship Under 16 in 1994. Two times European Women Champion. Plaid at 5 Olympiads and the Winner of the Gold medal at the 2006 Olympiad

Currently member of the Odessa (Ukraine) City Council  

6:00 pm simultaneous games  

$25 per participant. Limit to 40 participants


7:30 pm Dinner and presentations by the Grandmasters.

$50 per person. Family members are welcome to join


Where: Waubonsie Valley High School cafeteria


Registrations: Emal to the name of the person participated at the simul games and the total number of people for the dinner. 

Payments: Please note that all payments will be to the 501-c3 non-for-profit organization as a charitable donations. Choose the "Donate" button on the main page to complete the payment via PayPal. We can also accept Zelle payment send to the email


Any questions - please email  

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