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 Scholastic Chess & Math Tournament


Math Tournament format: 


30 minutes. 10 problems by grade. Each problem is 5 points. Must show all calculations on a paper. Sketch paper and pencils provided. No calculators for any grades.

Tests will be graded during the chess tournament. All results will be presented at the join award ceremony. Parents are welcome to check the tests results with the Russian School of Mathematics staff and receive feedback.


Awards: Top 3 by each grade – math trophies.    

Chess Tournament format: 

USCF Rated Sections: U500; U800; Open

5 rounds; G/30, d5

Note: Tournament organizers may combine the sections if less than 6 participants sign for any individual section.

Awards: Top 5 – individual trophies; 6-10 – medals.

Registrations: On-line at NO onsite registrations!

On-site check in 10:00-10:45 am. All players should report to the playing site by 10:45 am to avoid 1st round bye. 

Rounds: 11:00 – 11:30 – Math tournament; 11:45 – 1st round of the chess tournament, rest ASAP.

Entree Fees: $35. On-line PayPal payment available at under the Payment session

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